2020 A Midsummer Nights Dream

Summer Shakespeare presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Shane Bosher.

Love turns the world upside down. Clothes and social skins are shed, nice people turn nasty and imaginations run riot.
Expect ferociously beautiful poetry, robust physicality, anarchic invention and a donkey, as Shakespeare’s oh-so-magical play is brought to life this summer.

This year we bring Summer Shakespeare indoors to The Basement Theatre, Te Whaea.
Bring your playful selves, and be prepared for a theatre experience like no other. No picnics this year, but we have our very own Mocktail Bar!

Oberon – Grace Hoet

Titania – Catherine Zulver

Puck – Ariadne Baltazar

Hermia – Aimee Sullivan

Helenus – Dryw McArthur

Demetrius – Matthew Staijen-Leach

Lysander – Andrew Clarke

Bottom – James Bayliss

Hippolyta / Cobweb – Sara Douglas

Theseus – Hamish Boyle

Egeus – Phil Peleton

Petra Quince / Peaseblossom – Charlotte Dodd

Francis Flute – Jake Brown

Robin Starveling – Rosemary Lewis

Tammy Snout – Lucy McCarthny

Snug – David Bowers-Mason

Moth – Zoe Crane

Mustardseed / Philostrate – Finnian Nacey

Bodyguard – Slaine McKenzie

Director – Shane Bosher

Producer – Keely McCann

Production – Joshua Tucker

Marketing – Medici Arts Management

Stage Manager – Alyssa Hatton

Assistant Stage Manager – Mikayla Heasman

Costumiers – Pollyfilla & Meredith Dooley

Intimacy Direction & Fight Choreography – Carrie Thiel

Choreography – Charlotte Dodd

Sound Design – Isaac Kirkwood

Technical Operator – Riley Gibson

Wardrobe Assistants – Ruby Longworth & Penny Wyatt 

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