2019 Hamlet

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The Summer Shakespeare Trust is thrilled that award-winning Director David O’Donnell, renowned practitioner and Associate Professor in Theatre will direct the 2019 Victoria University Summer Shakespeare production of Hamlet. Stevie Hancox-Monk will performed the role of Hamlet and Summer Shakespeare will be returning the Dell at Wellington Botanic Gardens to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the gardens.

Iconic though it is, Hamlet has never before been performed by Wellington Summer Shakespeare. This stylish contemporary production will explore the universality and relevance of the play by featuring Hamlet performed by a woman.

O’Donnell will capture the energy and vitality within one of Shakespeare’s most dynamic plots, built around its compelling, chameleon-like central character. Filled with timeless poetry, political intrigue and philosophical ideas, Hamlet is a fast-moving, action-packed drama spiced with playfulness and surprising humour. Part-ghost story, part-thriller, part-dark comedy, Hamlet moves at breakneck pace towards a tragic conclusion.

Hamlet - Stevie Hancox–Monk

Claudius - Mitch Tawhi Thomas

Gertrude - Maggie Leigh White

Horatio - Dylan Hutton

Ophelia - Jenny Nimon

Polonius - Ivana Palezevic

Laertes - Daniel Daigle

Rosencrantz - Elsie Bollinger

Guildenstern - Sally Bollinger

Ghost of Hamlet’s Father - Thomas Barker

Fortinbras - Charlie Jones

Osric - Harriet Hughes

First Player - Andrew Clarke

Second Player & Messenger - Maddie Brooks Gillespie

Third Player & Captain -Adam Slocombe

Gravedigger & Fourth Player - Jane Paul

Francisco & Priest - Simon Howard

Barnardo & Ambassador - Kent Edward Norris

Marcellus & Sailor - Isabella Murray

Director - David O’Donnell

Dramaturg & Asst. Director - Lori Leigh

Producer - Sally Thorburn

Production Manager - Harry Meech

Asst. Production Manager & Props Manager - Kelsey Aldersley

Stage Manager - Sam Tippet

Asst. Stage Manager - Pauline Ward

Marketing Manager - James Cain

Front–of–House Managers - Francesca Moore & Maxie Haufe

Fight Director - Simon Manns

Set & Lead Designer - Lucas Neal

Set Construction - Mike Huaki & Lucas Neal

Lighting Designer - David Conroy

Graphic Designers - Raquel Willcox & Shannon Vuu

Graphic Design Mentor - Tabitha Arthur

Costume Designer - Jodi Walker

Costume Coordinator - Rianne Gibson

Sound Designer - Joel Rudolph

Asst. Sound Designer - Lachlan Crane

Voice Coach - Jade Valour

Videographer - Joel Strawbridge

Script Editor - David Carnegie

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